Our Services

Ljungsarps is involved from the product development stage and can drive the entire design process, serving either as a project manager in the customer’s development team or as a problem solver and sounding board. We provide a seamless and efficient process that begins with 3D visualisation of ideas through to complete engineering drawings with production strategy.


Concept development, design and prototype

An idea can only become a profitable venture if it is nurtured properly from the start. We take a broad approach and have extensive experience from many industry segments. Our experience and expertise are incorporated into every project. We produce prototypes from your ideas and take them all the way from 3D models through to completed design. Without any expensive learning curves.


Programming and preparation

The production process begins by determining the dimensions of the sheet. The product blueprint is then programmed with the right sizing and is fed into the cutter. Sheet metal of thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 12 mm are processed and there are no limitations as to the material. We work with everything from stainless steel to aluminium and black mild steel. Thicker workpieces are cut using a laser.


Robotic storage system. Automated storage system. Laser Cutting

We have 350 positions and four loading stations where our robot retrieves the sheet metal as per the given specifications. Cutting and edge shaping are linked to our automated warehouse, where both raw materials and processed workpieces are handled.



The next step is the bending of the sheet. Our machines have no dimensional limits and we can adjust settings to the specific radii of the workpieces. The work is performed manually or robotically, depending on the complexity of the job.


Welding and riveting

The components of the product are then assembled with robotic welding or seam welding and riveting, depending on the nature of the product.



We are especially proud of our paint shop. We are able to offer a number of options here, depending on the product requirements. The first stage of the automated process involves washing and drying the product. It is then given a coating of powder or wet paint in the stipulated colour. After the surface has cured, the product moves on to the next stage of the process.



The product is then assembled in a partially open assembly hall. This gives us complete flexibility at this stage and our assembly can be quickly reconfigured to meet different requirements. The assembly process is completed with the utmost accuracy and precision and always meets the specifications. The results are
stoves, safes, electrical cabinets and many other end products that leave our assembly hall.

We are committed to the delivery of outstanding quality.


Logistics. Storage and distribution

The basis for the flow for each production run is a well-developed logistics infrastructure – from purchased components to the final product, completed and delivered. Once the product is assembled and ready for delivery, we take care of warehousing and distribution. We are able to stock your products in our spacious facilities. Our warehousing system has been designed and developed to ensure product delivery with the highest possible accuracy. This eliminates excessive transshipments which translates into savings in terms of time and money.

Your profitability is our mission!

Although we have a humble attitude, we take pride in placing one of Scandinavia’s most state-ofthe-art, automated production facilities in the industry at your disposal. We invest continuously in new machinery and technologies to drive improvements and retain our market-leading position.

Moreover, we have an extensive and well-established network of highly-qualified suppliers in various fields in the Ljungsarp region. This results in the right cost structure for production and enables us to compete with countries where salaries are lower. This efficiency will be noticeable on the bottom line of your company’s calculations for product development and when your products reach their destinations in record time!